Family Caregiver Training

TSRN’s Family Caregiver Training and Empowerment Services provide education and training that addresses the family/caregiver’s unique needs.

The Confident Caregiver

Our signature program, The Confident Caregiver offers a variety of training topics and guidance that address the many responsibilities and task of the caregiver. Family caregivers often do tasks with no training or help from health care professionals and often feeling stressed about performing these tasks and worry about making mistakes. Our Caregiver program is designed to create solutions geared towards supporting family caregivers performing these complex tasks.

This online program also includes access to forms, practical skills training videos, and weekly caregiver tips. In addition, All family caregivers in The Confident Caregiver Program have access to our Special Health Care Planning expert for advice and support along the way.

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The Confident Caregiver program is designed to help the everyday family caregiver create an organized system of providing care. The Confident Caregiver Program is for all caregivers whether they are living in the home with the person or far away. From self-care essentials to building a care team using our care mapping strategy, The Confident Caregiver program provides a simple, easy to follow approach to organized care in the home. No caregiver has to feel alone on this journey, As our nurse expert leads you through the care planning process that she has used to help family caregivers for over 19 years.

What you get in this program:

Six Virtual Learning Modules with our Special Health Care Planning Expert, Tihesha Simmons

Tihesha Simmons
Caregiver often focus more on the care of others and less on themselves. This is a major part of caregiver burn out and injury therefore, in this module we discuss the self care essentials of a caregiver and how to include time for self care in caregiving.
This module covers the planning of care from start to finish for a typical day in the life of a caregiver. We discuss the location, needful equipment, meal planning, medication and disease management, emergency and back up planning.

In this module, we cover step by step instructions on setting up the health organizer so that it becomes a hub of directives and communication for all involved in care. From Appointment Notes, to medication list, this module will help you organize medical information in one central place.

*This organizer is also sold Separately $97

What you really need to know? With all the information available on the internet, sometimes it’s hard to narrow down the most important information about a disease or condition. In this Module, we discuss how to filter through the noise and get to the root of the matter as well as how to quickly identify risk and complications.
In this module, we review the 5 primary activities of daily living ((bathing, dressing, transferring, mealtime, and toileting) and how to support the person in each without physical stress or strain with our tips and tricks of the trade from over 20 years of nursing experience.
Sometimes help is only a phone call away, and in this module, we help you create a care map that clearly identifies your circle of support for caregiving whether near or far.

Also Included:

  • Downloadable Action Plans, handouts, checklist and Health Info. Sheets
  • Medication Administration Safety Tips and Tools sheet
  • Sample scripts for talking to doctors and specialist
  • Access to the private CCG Facebook Group with weekly caregiver tips

Bonus Offer:

  • Free CPR, AED and Basic First Aid Training – Online
  • Free 30 minute Care Planning Strategy Call



Monthly payment option $ 4 payment of $124.25